The European mouflon is a fairly large animal that can weigh up to 50 kilos. It resembles a stylized sheep, with proportionally longer legs and neck. The wool is much shorter and dark brown in color, turning whitish on the nose, eyes, lower half of the legs, buttocks and belly.
Males are larger and more robust than females and are endowed with large horns that curve on either side of the head; females, on the other hand, do not have horns or have very short horns. In winter, males develop white spots on their sides that do not appear in individuals of the other sex.
Males have large horns, similar to those of the domestic ram, which curl backwards until almost closing a circle and larger the older the animal (maximum 80-90 cm).

Scientific name Ovis orientalis musimon
Region to which it belongs Caprinae
Hunting season October-March