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Fiestas populares
August Feast

In mid-August the popular festivals of Alía are celebrated, with musical performances, bulls, heifers and various recreational and cultural events.
The date of this celebration, although it is centered on August 15, undergoes various changes over the years due to trying to include on the holidays the weekend closest to the 15th.

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Exterior de la Iglesia de Santa Catalina de Alejandría
Church of Santa Catalina de Alejandría

It was built in the 15th century and is an excellent exponent of Mudejar art in Extremadura, this church was exposed to the transition between the two periods of Mudejar art, so you can see construction elements and techniques characteristic of both Romanesque and Mudejar Gothic. The most abundant and significant elements of this art perfectly exemplified in this church are the exclusive use of brick on the exterior and interior walls and the double-sided wooden roof.

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Engranaje del silo en en el interior del museo
EL SILO Museum and Cultural Center

The “El Silo” Museum Center is an old silo from 1957, reformed to give the building different uses. Currently on the ground floor there are different ones for different events, such as conferences but above all it focuses on exposing authors from the area to publicize their work. There are also exhibitions of an environmental nature or of the origins and customs of the town of Alía and its districts.

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Ermita de la Concepción y su entorno natural
Hermitage of La Concepción

This hermitage is located towards the southern part of the Boyal de Alía pasture, where the holm oaks end before descending the last step of slates to switch to the gentle undulations of the hills.

Built on a wide hill that stands out from its surroundings; It is an old hermitage, rebuilt several times over time. Its situation dominates the hidden banks of the Guadalupejo river as well as the paths of Valdecaballeros and Castilblanco where it is located.

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