Olive trees

It is a small evergreen, long-lived tree, which can reach up to 15 m in height, with a wide crown and thick trunk, with a twisted aspect. Its bark is finely cracked, gray or silver in color. It has opposite leaves, 2 to 8 cm long, lanceolate with a slightly pointed apex, whole, leathery,…

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Parrot Trees

It is a tree, on many occasions with the appearance of a bush, that reaches 15 m in height. The bark is blackish brown, alternate, oval leaves, 7–12 cm long, 3–5 cm wide, with a sharp apex and jagged margin, a glossy dark green upper surface and a light green underside without dullness. It is a…

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They are always evergreen, shrubby, woody plants. The flowers are regular, hermaphrodite and with five large, often wrinkled petals that easily fall from the flower. Its numerous stamens produce a large amount of pollen, which attracts many insects such as bees that produce rockrose honey. They…

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Wild olive trees

A wild olive is a wild olive. In fact, if an olive grove is left uncultivated for a long time, the olive trees will grow wild and adopt many of its characteristics. The wild olive takes the form of a bush or thicket. Compared to the olive tree, its stems are thicker and more robust, and the…

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