Wild olive trees

A wild olive is a wild olive. In fact, if an olive grove is left uncultivated for a long time, the olive trees will grow wild and adopt many of its characteristics. The wild olive takes the form of a bush or thicket. Compared to the olive tree, its stems are thicker and more robust, and the leaves are wider and of a more vivid and intense color. The fruit of the wild olive is the acebuchina, which is the same as an olive but smaller.
In some places, homemade acebuchine oils are made, since their collection and processing would be unprofitable commercially. The wild olive is part of the landscape and the Mediterranean forest. Wild olive trees are very resistant, sturdy and leathery plants. Some specimens may even have spines. Like the olive tree, they are very resistant to drought and adapt well to poor soils.

Scientific name Olea europaea
Formation to which it belongs Olea europaea var. sylvestris