It is a shrub that can reach 3 m in height; generally devoid of leaves, greyish and heavily branched. It possesses (or not) the alternate, linear lanceolate, early fall leaves. The flowers are papilionáceas, very small of 5-8 mm in length, grouped in clusters. Calyx 2 to 3.5 mm, bilabiate; the upper lip deeply forked, and the lower lip divided into 3 sharp little teeth. It grows in serial thickets produced by the degradation of oak and pine forests.

The yellow broom is a shrub that has to be outdoors, in an area where it can be directly sunburned if possible throughout the day. Medicinally it is used in acute conditions of the respiratory system and in the case of eruptive fevers. In the past it was used to heat the bakery ovens, to make brooms or sticks.

Scientific name Retama sphaerocarpa
Formation to which it belongs Fabáceas