Joaquín Araujo

Joaquín Araújo Ponciano (Madrid, December 31, 1947). He is a Spanish naturalist and author of numerous books. Regular columnist in the main newspapers of Spain, he also works as director, screenwriter and presenter of television series and documentaries. He is president of Proyecto Gran Simio in Spain.


Hornos de la Cal

The origins of this small population are due to the quarries and kilns for obtaining lime found in its surroundings and which were used during the construction of the Guadalupe Monastery.

Cancheras de la trucha

The Charco de la Trucha has been formed when the waters of the gorge are held behind a powerful ridge. Some typical sedimentary structures of a marine platform are recognized.

Interpretation Center "Los Hornos de la Cal"

It is dedicated to the old kilns that generated the lime that was used in the construction of the Guadalupe Monastery during the 14th century. In this center you can also have all the information about other nearby places of interest.

Selfservice Alía

Bar-Restaurant La Piscina (Just in season)

Supermercado Coviran

Bar-Restaurante-Pensión El Montero

Bar Extremadura

Bar Juani

Bar La Piramide

Church of Santa Catalina de Alejandría

It was built in the 15th century and is an excellent exponent of Mudejar art in Extremadura, this church was exposed to the transition between the two periods of Mudejar art, so you can see construction elements and techniques characteristic of both Romanesque and Mudejar Gothic. The most abundant and significant elements of this art perfectly exemplified in this church are the exclusive use of brick on the exterior and interior walls and the double-sided wooden roof.

EL SILO Museum and Cultural Center

The “El Silo” Museum Center is an old silo from 1957, reformed to give the building different uses. Currently on the ground floor there are different ones for different events, such as conferences but above all it focuses on exposing authors from the area to publicize their work. There are also exhibitions of an environmental nature or of the origins and customs of the town of Alía and its districts.